Student Achievement 2014-2015

Once again this year, we have compiled a student achievement document for the School Year 2014-2015. These statistics come from the results of the external assessments we participated in last school year. These include provincial asessements and range from grades 1 through grade 12. While there were not external assessments completed at each grade level, there were assessments done in some of the core subjects, including Language Arts, Sciences and Mathematics.  We compare ourselves to other schools and to the entire province with these results. In our comparison with other schools, we are mostly interested in comparing ourselves to other private schools in the province. Overall our school continues to do well academically on these assessments and you can view the results conntained in the document by clicking HERE. School personnel and stakeholders will use these results to help us improve instruction and student learning at EGLS.

Please contact the school should you have any questions about these results.