Our School


School officially began at Churchill Falls in September, 1967 with a teaching staff of four teachers. The Minister of Education gave CF((L)Co. a license to operate a private school system on February 3, 1967. The initial enrolment was sixteen students. The peak enrolment was 403 students in 1973.

The school was initially known as the Churchill Falls School, but in January 1970 it was given the name of Eric G. Lambert School, named after Eric G. Lambert, Chief Financial Officer, Brinco, who was killed in the Brinco's DH-125 jet aircraft that crashed near Wabush, Labrador on the evening of November 11, 1969.

School Buildings

1967 - A six trailer complex.

1968 - Additional space was provided in the Green contractor's building.

1969 - K-7 school facilities were provided at the Donald Gordon Center.

1973 - First high school established on Naskaupi Street.

1978 - On Wednesday, November 6, a ribbon-cutting ceremony officially opened the newly established Eric G. Lambert High School at Churchill Falls. Prior to this, classes had been housed in trailers converted for that purpose. Representatives of Government, Church, Community and Corporation were on hand for the auspicious occasion. Special guest speaker was Victor Young, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. During the proceedings Carl Collins, president of the Student Council, presented yearbooks to invited guests. The key to the building was turned over to the school principal, Watson Lane, by Frank Dubek, Building Project Manager.

1996-97 - Amalgamation of the high school and elementary school at the Donald Gordon Center.

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